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Attract the right customers with targeted marketing

Understanding exactly what you sell and who you sell it to will determine how you promote your business.


That may seem a strange statement. You know what you sell, right? The truth is that although you sell ‘widgets’ it may be that your great customer service is key to why people will buy from you. Understanding what’s at the heart of your brand is therefore vital to how you market your business. With marketing design, it’s all about grabbing your target audience’s attention, getting them interested and prompting action.

Marketing design is about motivating people to take action by providing a clear, easy path to conversion. Whatever the touchpoint, it’s about ordering on-brand information for positive brand experience.

Does your marketing collateral need a refresh?

Today more than ever printed material can quickly look outdated, especially if it is created to reflect web design. This is why some companies just stick to internet marketing but they are missing an opportunity.

With digital print such excellent quality now, short runs are a good solution for producing brochures and leaflets. The internet is an oversaturated marketplace and website view times are frequently just a few seconds. A well thought out targeted brochure landing on a potential client’s desk will have considerably more impact and if it is of sufficient quality will probably be filed for reference until your product or service is required.

If you don’t have leaflets or brochures or they are looking tired why not give me a call to see how they can be improved.

Folder design for letting agent

Video created for Crowdfunder and social media posts.

Is your social media lacklustre or even non-existent?

Many business owners simply don’t know where to start with social media. It’s often the case that a profile was put up years ago, a couple of posts were generated and then it was forgotten about as no one knew what to do with it.

In today’s marketplace potential customers, staff and suppliers will all check out your social media presence to find out more about who you are as a company. It’s a touchpoint that therefore can’t be ignored.

Your visual branding and key messaging should be reflected in your social media presence and it’s a great opportunity to be more personable with posts and show the human side of your business. If you need help creating a unified branding approach and post content then give me a call.