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Is your brand instantly recognisable?

Logo Design, Branding and Brand Strategy


Making the right impression with branding that engages your customers is a game changer for small businesses


Today we live in a brand conscious world and it is more important than ever to make a good and lasting impression. We all make split second assumptions based on conditioned perceptions and these influence how we see things and respond to them, often on a subconscious level.

Branding is about building relationships and influencing choice. Your logo and brand assets are visual representations of your business. Customers want to know who you are and what you stand for and that’s where brand strategy comes in. If your logo design looks amateurish or your branding confused, why would a potential customer assume that you run your business any differently? We live in a fast-paced world and customers make decisions quickly so if they can create a shortlist of those companies that stand out – they will.

The Art of Communication works with businesses owners that understand the importance of great logo design, branding and brand strategy as the foundation of business growth. The process involves working closely with you to get to the very heart of your business. It provides clarity and provides the tools for establishing a super strong brand.

The importance of brand strategy for business growth

In the past your logo was key to your branding but a logo on its own isn’t enough in today’s marketplace. Brand strategy needs to be at the heart of your approach as it will steer your visual elements and key messaging.

Understanding what you are supplying and what your target audience really needs is paramount. An in-depth understanding of what your brand offers, its ethos, mission, and positioning, will give you a clearer approach and plenty to say in your marketing.

Branding is ultimately about attracting and building a relationship with the right customers so that your marketing resonates with them and wins their business.


What brand strategy will do for your business

  • creates clarity
  • raises your profile
  • relieves uncertainty
  • provides strategy
  • creates consistency
  • gives direction for marketing
  • boosts credibility
  • creates confidence
  • influences bottom line
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ProBrandifyTM Brand Foundations

The ProBrandifyTM Brand Foundations package will give you clarity on your offering and a strategy for growth. It is designed for businesses owners who want a professional, unique brand identity and the visual assets to establish a strong brand quickly.

This process is all about understanding your offering and developing your unique story, your position in the marketplace, your brand personality, visual identity and direction.

Delivery Time 4—6 WEEKS


The process will include:

  • 30 minute Discovery Call
  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire
  • Brand Strategy half day online workshop
  • Analysis of who your Ideal Client is
  • Clarity on your Vision and Mission
  • 3 brand concepts
  • 3 rounds of revisions

Logo Kit will include:

  • Brand Logo Pack containing files for Print + Web
    (EPS, PDF, JPG & PNG)
  • Submarks, alternative versions and icon
  • Website favicon
  • Brand Guidelines include:
    How to use the logo
    Brand colour palette
    Brand typography and hierarchy
    Brand design elements
    File Usage Guide

Your logo and branding are the building blocks of your business

A well designed logo and consistent brand will communicate key information to your customers, will span a range of applications and be adaptable to take your business forward as it grows and develops. Brand strategy will give you a clear road map to follow with regards to your marketing approach and positioning your business.

Are you getting the best deal?

The Art of Communication understands the importance of considering how your logo and brand assets will be used – now and as your business grows. For example, a good logo will scale without losing quality and can be used across a variety of mediums, and this is built into all of our designs. Brand guidelines will present the details of the brand and lay down a set of guidelines for everyone to follow going forward. Consistency is key to establishing a great brand.

Is your current brand still working?

Strong brands tend to be far more profitable and increase a company’s value as they enable you to command higher prices for your products and services, and build customer loyalty — which reduces the cost of sales and the opportunity for competition to get a foothold. So, is your current branding achieving all that you want?

A brand audit will help you identify your brand’s impact and performance in the marketplace. It will enable you to see your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities and growth. Once you have a clear picture of what is working and what is not, you can implement change with either a brand refresh or complete rebrand as necessary.

Need more information about how a rebrand or brand strategy will help your business?

This series of 7 emails tells you how and includes the FREE How strong is your brand? workbook to help you get a better grasp on your brand and what you actually need to do to make it great!

The Art of Communication can help with:

New brands, re-brands, updates & make-overs, brand audits, logo design, iconography & colour palettes, branding & brand development, brand style guide, product branding & naming, brand strategy, values & communication, tone, style & brand personality, branded marketing materials: business card design, stationery design, social profile, cover, and banner design, email signature.